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All articles of issue 38/1 of the Journal for Nature Conservation and Applied Landscape Ecology can be downloaded as free pdf-files.
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Bat in the apporach


The ANL offers events on the topics of nature conservation, landscape conversation, renewable energy, water environmental education and more (most courses are held in German)

Palaeno sulphur (Colias palaeno)


The research is an essential pillar of the Academy for Nature Conservation and Landscape Management. Currently, the projects summarized in the linked overview are processed. The completed projects appended below to the overview.

aesculapian snake in a shrub


The ANL published a variety of brochures, folders and scientific publications (most publications are available only in German).

Behind a student stands a responsible person, who helps with the classification.

Cooperation and projects

Many projects in the range of nature conservation, environmental education and sustainability are implemented by the ANL in cooperation with external partners.
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